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Beyonce Steps Out With Sleeping Blue Ivy, Steals Kim K?s Spot As Bing?s Most Searched Celeb

When she was spotted cradling a sleeping Blue Ivy at LAX over the weekend, tabloids and social media sites couldnt get enough of the adorable photos. Look at Blue, one user tweeted after sharing a link to the photo of Queen Bey carrying Blue Ivy. I just love the Carters. Despite having a busy touring schedule and being on the road almost nonstop, Beyonce makes sure that her motherly duties come before everything else. While the picture was certainly cute, it received an unexpected amount of adoration from fans online. Many celebrities have been spotted out and about with their babies and have never made headlines for it. Beyonce, on the other hand, Kim Kardashian actually became [source] a trending topic on Twitter for a short while after the photo was published. Queen Beys loyal followers are exactly the reason why she has ended Kim Kardashians reign as the most searched celebrity on Bing. Bing revealed that Kim K will have to settle for being the second most searched, despite making headlines after the birth of North West and her engagement to rapper Kanye West.
Full story: http://atlantablackstar.com/2013/12/04/beyonce-steps-sleeping-blue-ivy-steals-kim-ks-spot-bings-searched-celeb/

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