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Jamie Dornan's Friends Congratulate Him On "disgusting" Fifty Shades Of Grey Role

Jamie Dornan "A friend of mine texted me saying, I heard about Fifty Shades,'" Dornan recalled. "'Congratulations on the role. That's going to be disgusting. I Farrah video won't watch it.'" Well, that pal might not be rushing to theaters on Valentine's Day 2015 , but his father and sisters have been offering "their encouragement." Dornan, whose pregnant wife Amelia Warner will deliver their child on location in Vancouver, is planning to train just a little bit before dropping trou and showing http://jospehrfbi.sosblogs.com/index.htm a lot more skin. NEWS: Five things to know about Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan "I've never felt that Christian Farrah needs to be some kind of monster, but I think it's very clear how he conditions himself and looks after himself," Dornan said. "I take decent enough care of myself anyway, so obviously I'm gonna up it slightly with training, but we don't have any intention to really bulk up.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/481530/jamie-dornan-s-friends-congratulate-him-on-disgusting-fifty-shades-of-grey-role

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