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Beauty Queen's Murder Exposes Venezuela's Crime Epidemic

Maduro, who succeeded his mentor Chavez after contested elections last year, has blamed capitalism and even Hollywood films like Spider-Man for breeding violence among youths. View gallery Relatives and friends carry the coffins with the remains of Venezuelan model Monica Spear (R) and Br The 200,000 security and law enforcement officials in Venezuela face a daunting task to combat crime, with guns proliferating despite various disarmament campaigns. Between three million and 18 million firearms are circulating in the nation of 29 million people, according to various other estimates. But only tens of thousands of gun permits have been handed out in the country. Criminologist Javier Gorrino said many weapons are smuggled in from neighboring Colombia by criminals who use them to defend drug trafficking routes. Other weapons are used by guerrillas or paramilitary forces at the Colombian-Venezuelan border, he said.
Read more http://news.yahoo.com/beauty-queen-39-murder-exposes-venezuela-39-crime-213144502.html

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