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Oscar Pistorius 'trigger Happy' 'gun Lover' Or Scared Double Amputee?

Mom accused of raping her three young children while other adults watched Fresco insisted on the witness stand at his former friend's murder trial that Oscar became "furious" when the officer touched his gun and looked at his gun license during the traffic stop. You can't just touch another man's gun," Pistorius is alleged to have said to the officer that day. And Fresco said it was that passionate anger that resulted in the sprinter shooting the gun through Fresco's car roof as a result, a little later on. Samantha Taylor has recounted her own version of Oscar discharging a weapon through the roof of a car, adding more credibility to the "trigger happy" term being used to describe the young male on trial for his life. But the defense hopes that the fact that Taylor was replaced by Steenkamp as the love interest of the paralympian will help him paint her as possibly holding a grudge against Oscar, clouding her testimony objectivity. The South African judge who will decide the fate of the accused will consider the fact that in addition to posting photos of himself at shooting ranges on Lockerz.com, Oscar Pistorius has had multiple people confirm two dangerous gun incidents involving him less than six months before he shot and killed his girlfriend. Fresco is also at the heart of the second controversial Pistorius gun incident. And it is one which followed the speeding car incident by four months.

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