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Kim Kardashian Not Welcomed To Kendall Jenner's Birthday Celebration Event?|webpronews

> Life] Was Kim Kardashian not welcomed to sister Kendall Jenners 19th birthday celebration party? It appears the beans were accidentally spilled by sister Khloe Kardashianbut its unclear if Kim was omitted from the enjoyable deliberately or if her lack of an invite was merely a mistake. Were visiting visit a family lunch, then later on tonite Kendalls having like 15 individuals over for a little women event. I don't know if its also a party, yet a ladies event, Khloe mentioned to People journal. It will be enjoyable. It seems Kim Kardashian wasnt one of those 15 individuals. Actually, when Khloe Kardashian asked Kim if she was going, she didnt understand anything regarding the birthday celebration.

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